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AVASTA Resort and Spa.

The name of the Avasta conjures of vision of a glorious era. The word is the derived from Maha Wansha meaning lodge or gust house in ancient Anuradhapura times. Avasta Resort and Spa is situated in Anuradhapura UNESCO world heritage site, one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka were the well-preserved ruins offer visitors a trip back in time through Sri Lankans vibrant history. We are developing 7R system in our environmental system and buildings are mostly using bricks and timber. At Avasta you are cordially offered luxurious accommodation, restaurant facilities and a unique type gymnasium. We deceive to give uninterrupted excellent service to every single client come for us. We always welcome you to Avasta resort and spa with much respect.


Due to reconstruction of this web page, the availability of services and the facilities would be changed. Please be kind to contact us first before you visit.

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